Thank you for your interest in joining me on Second Breaks.

A few things you need to know

Second Breaks is a show for mid-lifers — Gen X, Generation Jones, Late Boomers. We explore stories and topics that help mid-lifers continue to grow and thrive at work and in life.

Note: You need not be a mid-lifer to be on the show. We just need to make sure that the topic of our discussion will be relevant to our primary listeners.

Second Breaks IS NOT a business podcast for entrepreneurs, although we talk about business when it fits the editorial calendar.

Speaking of our editorial calendar, SB is a seasonal podcast. Each series explores one theme/topic at a time.

Topics of Interest

We are currently planning for the editorial calendar for Season 8, which will air in 2022. Here are the broad categories we’re looking to explore.

  • Unretirement
    • Starting a new career or business in midlife (i.e., past 45 years old)
    • Staying in one’s career past retirement age
  • Midlife Reinventions
    • Stories about mid-lifers making a significant life change in midlife. May or may not be related to work. For example: changes in lifestyle, finding a new relationship, significant change in mindset, making healthy changes in diet, exercise, etc.
    • Stories of “messy” or challenging pivots and reinventions and how those challenges were overcome

If you’ve got relevant expertise or a related personal story, please click the button below to complete a brief questionnaire. Please make sure your responses clearly point to at least one of the areas listed above. 

Once we have a potential story in mind, we can see how you might fit into the editorial calendar.

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