All our lives, we’ve been developing our beliefs, including the limiting ones.

Some of our beliefs were taught to us by our parents or early caregivers. And so we enter the world with some baseline set of beliefs, and then those are further shaped or re-enforced by our experiences.

By the time we reach midlife, we have an entire set of beliefs that influences how we think and what we do. If we’ve never challenged our limiting beliefs in the past, we are suddenly going to come face to face with them in midlife as we try to pivot and reinvent ourselves.


  • Limiting Beliefs: where they come from and how they develop
  • The limiting beliefs that are most damaging
  • Why Lana Hernandez doesn’t say that we “overcome limiting beliefs” and what she teaches her clients instead
  • When fear and limiting beliefs intersect
  • How to reframe old narratives


Lana Hernandez is a Mindset and Empowerment Coach who guides her clients through the mindset triggers of the entrepreneurial journey. Using her intuitive gifts and 20+ years of corporate knowledge, Lana supports her clients as they navigate their mindset barriers so they can not only experience breakthroughs but also sustain empowered growth as they plan for success.

We have all this societal garbage and things that people have told us are the norm. What’s normal? And so what if you’re not? — Lana Hernandez

In this episode, Lana shares her insights around limiting beliefs. She gives actionable tips on how we can help ourselves the next time our mental blocks threaten to hold us back from what we want to pursue.


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I read that we are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. And all our other fears are learned.

You’ve allowed all these things to happen. Some of it, you didn’t have control over. But as adults, we allowed people to talk to us and treat us in certain kinds of ways. But you don’t have to. You get to decide. You get to say, “You know what? I am strong. I am powerful. I have a sense of humor or I am shy or I am bold.” You get to make these things true for you.

I really believe that the gifts that you’re born with are things that you should be living out loud with.

It’s hard to deprogram yourself from childhood, right? And as you get older, you continue to carry these things. Then one day, you might say, “You know what? I don’t want to do that anymore.” But every time you don’t do it, you feel guilty. But you still don’t do it because you pushed through the guilt.

We all have this societal garbage and things that people have told us are the way is the norm. Right? What’s normal. What’s proper. Who cares?

You can allow those things to stop you. Or you can push through them so that you get to that reward on the other side because many times it is amazing. It’s amazing. You just have to push through it.


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