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A show about life in the middle.

Together with her guests, Lou Blaser explores what it actually takes to navigate, thrive, and turn midlife into the best phase in our life! New episodes drop every other Thursday.

Lou approaches her interviews from multiple perspectives and with such infectious curiosity. I come away feeling excited after each episode.

★★★★★ Review


“If we can stay healthy and well, and avoid those diseases associated with the aging process, then our chances of being able to participate in things that we really enjoy, are so much better.” — Dr. Mickey Barber IN THIS EPISODE: Dr. Barber explains the phrase “successful aging” and how we can achieve it Why

Let’s pull back the curtains on menopause, level-set definitions, reality-check common perceptions about menopause, and talk strategies for making this phase of our lives not only easier for ourselves but magical, even!

Midlife can be the most powerful years of our life. But sometimes, we have to de-program some ingrained ideas about what being midlife is supposed to feel and look like. We discuss practical habits to make our midlife the best phase in our life.

“The more I looked around for what brands and advertisements were showing, I realized they were stereotyping people in my demographic, particularly women in midlife. What is this? Right then and there, I had clarity of my vision. I’m going to be that woman on that commercial.” — Gail Gensler IN THIS EPISODE: Gail Gensler’s

Many of us reach midlife and realize we’ve built a life and a persona that’s not entirely all-encompassing of the person that we are. In this episode, we explore what leads to self-fragmentation, how we can recognize it, and how we can begin the journey to our whole self.


Lou Blaser is the editor of Midlife Cues, a digital curated newsletter that helps the over-40 grow stronger, wiser, and bolder in midlife. A former PwC management consultant and IT leader, Lou is the author of Break Free: The Courage to Reinvent Yourself and Your career.

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